Lugh and Balor

The Theatre of Komotini in Thrace, Northern Greece, decided to mount a show that highlighted the engagement of the area with the Celts, also referred to as Gauls and Galatians. The nearby Ancient Theatre of Maroneia dates from around the time of the Celtic invasions. It is a hugely important archaeological site (see here) but they allow one night each year for a dramatic production, and in 2016 that night was allocated to the Theatre of Komotini for this particular show. They invited local writer, Christos Chartomatsidis, and Jack Harte as an Irish writer, to provide short plays based on Greek and Celtic mythology. The resultant show, We Call Them the Galatians, was mounted on 20th August, 2016, before a packed audience in the Ancient Theatre of Maroneia - 2,300 years ago it would have hosted the plays of Sophocles! Afterwards the show moved indoors to their own theatre in Komotini.

Jack Harte's play dealt with the confrontation of Lugh and Balor at the Battle of Moytura.

The Greek translation of the play was published in the magazine Mandragoras. ...read here

Some of the Media coverage of Lugh and Balor:

Taking the bow with some of the actors, and with co-writer Christos Chartomatsidis and musical director Giorgos Koukaliotis.

Overview of the Ancient Theatre of Maroneia.

The audience, full house at 500.

Lugh and Balor fighting.

Much movement and music created stunning impression.

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