Lament for the Birds

Published by Scotus Press, 2004.

This CD of stories and songs, thematically structured and integrated, features the author reading some of his stories set in his native Sligo, and Sligo singer/musician, Carmel Gunning, singing his lyrics and playing the traditional airs to which the songs were set. The focus of the compilation is the sense of a tradition in Sligo stretching back to the era of mythology. Harte's demented farmer of the 1960's, Sweeney, mirrors the mythological figure of Mad Sweeney who resisted the spread of Christianity, fifteen hundred years earlier - and both paid with their sanity for championing the cause of Nature.

This CD was commissioned by Sligo Co Council and funded by the Department of Environment Heritage and Local Government under the Per Cent for Art Scheme.

Available online from the Scotus Press


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