Portrait of Jack Harte by Henry Sharpe (Oil on board)

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Keep flying
Donít be distracted by the streetlamps
Above them the stars

Jack Harte's new collection of stories is published in September

Rehabilitating the Serpent by Jack Harte

A young girl with the highest ideals joins the Church as a nun and ends up dumping the bodies of dead babies in a cess pit. What happened to her?

A pious young man takes a bomb to a children's pop concert with the intention of killing himself and as many children as possible in the name of his god. What happened to him?

Churches that claim to mediate Jesus Christ's philosophy of love, anti-violence, rejection of wealth and privilege, have a long bloody history of wars, repression, and persecution - all to accumulate and retain wealth, power, privilege. What happened to them?

Religion inspires love and hatred in equal measure. Intrigued by these paradoxes, Jack Harte analyses religions back to their origins in story, through the medium of narrative itself, and challenges the notions of good and evil on which they are based. He confronts the ultimate Boogey Man, the Devil, the Serpent. ...read more