Birds and Other Tails

Published by Dedalus Press, 1996.

This second collection of stories by Jack Harte is long since out of print, but is available through collector’s networks.

From the reviews of Birds and Other Tails

    He is like the old oral Gaelic storytellers who could improvise on any theme at will. Indeed much of the pleasure of the book is in the sheer sparkle of the writing. He bends language to his needs like a sculptor moulding clay….This is a book to open anywhere and savour at leisure. Jack Harte's is a wonderful refreshing voice in contemporary Irish writing
      - Irish Independent
    The stories, twenty in all, manifest a range of theme and style that never ceases to surprise and delight the reader…This is a thought provoking, compellingly readable book
      - Astir
    'Bike' is a beautifully crafted piece of eccentricity … boy, do the pages turn
      - Northern Review (U.K.)
    His conventional narrative is punctuated by single words or short sentences depicting turmoil or confusion, which are fired at the reader with almost Beckettian emphatic precision … an interesting collection
      - Books Ireland

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